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Many of our physical therapy clients progress into the wellness side of the business – others start and stay on the wellness side.

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Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle


Virtual Pilates Mat Classes

These are conducted via Zoom in our Punchpass system and are 40  minutes in length. All that is needed for these classes is a mat. Pilates mat exercises focus on core stabilization, spinal mobility, and hip/ shoulder muscular control.

Reformer/Tower Classes

These take place in our clinic and are performed in a group with a max of 6 participants per class. The Pilates apparatus utilizes springs to assist or resist various movement patterns. These classes allow for more total body strengthening, and emphasize core control and proper body alignment. Modifications can be made for individuals who are capable of performing the majority of exercises typically performed in a group class, but who need some adjustments due to medical or physical conditions.

Private (1 on 1)/ Semi-private
Pilates Training:

These sessions can involve training on all pieces of Pilates equipment and can be more specifically geared to an individual or duo.They provide the most individual attention and are great for new-comers or those not appropriate for a group class.



Virtual Mat classes (40 min)


1 virtual mat class - $ 9.57

Package of 5 virtual mat classes - $47.86


Reformer/Tower classes (One hour):


5 class card - $143.57

10 class card - $265.88

Drop in fee - $31.91/class

New Client 5 class card - $127.62 (one time offer)


Private training (1-on-1): 


1 hr. - $74.45 

45 min. - $58.49 

Package of 5 (1 hr) - $345.64 

Package of 10 (1 hr) - $638.10 

Semi-private (2-on-1):

1 hr. - $58.49 (per person)

45 min. - $42.54 (per person)

Package of 5 (1 hr) - $265.88.

Package of 10 (1 hr) - $478.58.

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